• q-iconIs this an exercise program as well as a diet?

    This is strictly a diet program. If you are interested in workouts and strength training, please see my Boomer Blueprint training book on my website at: www.artmcdermott.com

  • q-iconIs this program designed for men or women?

    This diet will work for both men and woman.  The serving sizes are adjusted for men and woman in the meal plan section.

  • q-iconIs this a physical book or a digital download?

    This is a digital download.  No physical product will be shipped. You will automatically receive a link to download the digital product.  Just click on the link and you will instantly have the book. If you prefer a physical book, they can be ordered on my website at www.artmcdermott.com

  • q-iconDoes “The Red Wine Diet” require supplements or ordering special food?

    No.  Supplements are not a part of the diet plan; just simple, unprocessed, natural foods.

  • q-iconCan vegetarians and/or vegans use this approach?

    While it is possible for vegetarians and vegans to use the recommendations in the book, it may be difficult to achieve the higher levels of proteins suggested.  For additional protein sources, must seek out other protein sources. However, it is strongly recommended to avoid soy protein as thus source.

  • q-iconIs this website secure for my credit card?

    Yes.  Product delivery is actually handled through Clickbank.  This is the name which will appear on your credit card statement.  Clickbank is one of the most trusted product sites on the internet.  They will process your sale and handle any refunds or related issues. You will notice the https:// in the URL being used.  This is your assurance that your transaction is secure and safe.

  • q-iconIs this product guaranteed?

    Yes.  If you are not satisfied for any reason.  You can get a full refund at any point, for any reason for a full 60 days after your purchase.

  • q-iconIs this product available outside the United States?

    Yes.  We have many satisfied customers in multiple countries around the world.  Sales are calculated in local currency and will appear so on your credit card statement. US dollars are not required to process the purchase.

  • q-iconWhat is your background in nutrition?

    I have been a Certified Nutritionist for many years.  I was originally certified through the ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition).  In addition, I have been providing successful and safe nutritional recommendations to clients for over a decade.