Attention fellow wine lovers...

I need to ask you an important question:

Is it possible to lose unwanted body fat and still enjoy life?

by Art McDermott –   ‘The Over 50 Fitness Pro’  

Certified Nutritionist

January 24, 2019

The short answer?  Yes, it is possible.

And this article will explain exactly how.

Have you been told you have to cut alcohol (and most of the fun) out of your life in order to lose weight?

This is flat out WRONG!

In the short article below, I show you exactly why drinking red wine may actually be the ‘missing link’ to your weight loss goals.

I realize this is completely contradictory to what every “Fitness Expert” in the industry may tell you, but I’m going to prove it to you with results and with scientific facts.

Losing body fat does NOT have to involve weeks and months of starvation, deprivation and stress. In fact, you are likely gaining weight because you are overlooking two of the biggest keys to weight loss.

The science proves it and the results prove it.

It’s time to see weight loss in a whole new light…

First - you should realize is that alcohol is NOT the enemy it has been made out to be…

What you are about to read may be news to you…so, grab a glass of wine and read on…


Have you seen a slow, steady weight gain over time? Have you tried lots of different “diets” only to see them fail as the weight came right back on? You are about to discover why nearly everything you have been told about losing weight is wrong, so you can…


As a fitness professional hired to help people lose body fat, I learned early on that alcohol – and wine specifically – was NOT the enemy! 

Many of my most successful clients are regular wine drinkers…

I have been in the fitness industry for roughly 30 years.  I keep detailed records of how much weight my clients have lost.

At last count, they had lost over 5000 pounds of body fat!  That's two and half tons of fat.

I don’t say this to brag…only to highlight an important point.

Do you think all of my successful clients STOPPED drinking wine while they lost all this weight? 

Absolutely Not!

Therefore, It’s time then to address the “elephant in the room”…

Yes, you can drink red wine and lose weight…

and you might even have some fun along the way

Did You Know?

One recent study showed that a chemical in red wine has been proven to help halt weight gain by preventing immature fat cells from “maturing” into fully grown fat cells.